About me...
Having decided at a very early age to be an illustrator my career took a detour via graphic design but there’s always been a frustrated illustrator lurking beneath the surface. I have finally had the opportunity to put pen to paper once again and start my own range of Cards and Prints. Magical stories like The Elves and the Shoemaker were imbedded in my psyche when I was very small and have had a very strong influence on my work. I enjoy experimenting with size and proportion of everyday objects (often Retro) by dropping characters into a remodelled ‘out of scale’ world. The results are illustrations with a quirky, new perspective on life that makes me, and hopefully many others, smile.

My medium is predominantly pen & ink, water colour and colour pencil and I often digitally enhance my drawings with layers of fabrics, prints and textures. My graphic design background has resulted in a hawk-eyed attention to detail which has meant that all of my cards and prints are produced to the best possible standards, printed in the UK and are on high quality stock from sustainable sources.

I now live in Somerset with my husband, two daughters and our Vintage Airstream.